pietro b-modal burr kit
pietro dart t b modal multipurpose burrs
pietro b-modal burr kit
pietro dart t b modal multipurpose burrs

Pietro B-Modal Multipurpose Vertical Flat Burr Kit - 58mm

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Pietro Mulitpurpse B-Modal Burrs are the ultimate choice for coffee lovers who want the flexibility to switch between different brewing methods without sacrificing quality. With their versatile design, these burrs are optimized to provide exceptional results for both espresso and filter coffee brewing.

Pietro B-Modal Burr Kit Features

Made of high-quality 58mm flat steel burrs with Multipurpose geometry, these burrs were designed for velvety shots of espresso or smooth, flavorful pour-over coffee. With their precision engineering and superior materials, these burrs deliver precise and uniform grinds that ensure maximum flavor extraction for every brewing method.

  • 58mm flat steel burrs, with Dark-T coating in titanium, aluminum, carbon, and nitrogen are designed to last 5 times longer than the standard M340 burrs.
  • Multipurpose Brewing geometry; b-modal.
  • Espresso to Filter brewing grinds.
  • Use interchangeably with both Pietro models so you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Includes burrs and screws.
  • How to Change Pietro Burrs Video.

About the Brand

Pietro Grinders is brought to you by Fiorenzatothe coffee innovator of high-quality espresso grinders and burrs. It's the one and only hand grinder on the market made with vertical flat burrs in a pleasing ergonomic design. For over 80 years Fiorenzato has been making the best coffee grinders out there and now we can enjoy this revolutionary handheld version that requires no electrical power. Truly innovative at a time when our planet needs more high-quality products that require less energy consumption.