Fiorenzato Upper Burr Carrier Floating Spring

Fiorenzato Upper Burr Carrier Floating Spring

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Stainless steel threaded pin used on all models.

Grind Adjustment: Ring nut micrometric; continuous

Dose Adjustment: In grams

Fork: Adjustable, with support

Power: 350 watt

Power Supply: 110-120v - 60Hz

Burr Type: Flat

Burr Diameter: Ø 64mm

Burr Revs: 1550/min (60 Hz)

Hopper Capacity: 3.3 lbs (1.5kg)

Dimensions (wdh): 10 x 25 x 12.6in (255 x 635 x 320mm)

Weight: 40lbs (18kg)

Finish: Standard

12-months from date of purchase

The touchscreen display on this model is highly intuitive and features IPS technology so its very responsive. Enjoy the following;

Ambient Temperature
XGi Icons
Dose Stats; day, week & total
Current Day & Time
Mode of Use Selected

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A cooling fan that automatically kicks on at about 60° to cool the motor and prevent the beans from burning. This helps to ensure that your coffee maintains its delightful taste.

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